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Lulu and Roo is a bespoke design and calligraphy boutique for weddings and small businesses. While located in historic Portsmouth, New Hampshire, my beloved clients are spread throughout New England and beyond.


more than mere text

You don’t just read calligraphy. You feel it. It’s about more than mere text, but being able to capture a desired dream world within the strokes of a few words. This is the beating heart of Lulu & Roo, a New England–based company specializing in bespoke design and calligraphy for weddings and small businesses.

My passion for calligraphy dates back to grade school. I remember first learning cursive and being fascinated with the rise and fall of the letters and the different approaches to shapes, sizes, and flourishes. In high school, my handwriting was never the same, evolving as I mimicked certain attributes in the way other people wrote. But it wasn’t until I was an adult that I really started immersing myself in the true art of calligraphy and hand-lettering, learning as much as I could by experimenting with different kinds of inks and pens and honing in on my own preferred calligraphy style – what I would deem as modern thanks to an organic crafted touch, with flourishes that are beautiful because of their natural imperfections.

A decade-long career as a graphic designer has helped shape this style. In fact, I regularly marry my hand-lettering services with logo and brand identity creation as well as marketing collateral for my clients. As former Creative Manager for an award-winning marketing agency, I have led the charge on a variety of notable assignments, including the design of the magazine for expecting and new mothers Bump to Baby, the wedding website Little White Book, and even the redesign of Hawthorn Creative's own company logo and brand style. Whatever concept you have rattling around in your head, I’d love to bring it to life. Because it’s about more than penning pretty words, but creating your distinct and desired world.

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Emily Rowley calligraphy on envelope



finding the perfectly ripe mango

triangle pose
(so says my yoga teacher)

coffee making
(Its all about the french press)



gummy bears

pull ups
(they are just not right!)



Lulu & Roo Design Boutique submark

“I honestly, can't say enough about my experience working with Emily of Lulu & Roo. Emily truly has an eye for design and completely nailed the logo for my new business! From our initial phone call to the last email I received with the final logo, Emily was a gem to work with. Professional, organized, creative, and inspiring! She actively listened to my ideas and feedback, and was not afraid to think outside the box which made the process a collaborative and fun experience.”





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