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Lulu and Roo is a bespoke design and calligraphy boutique for weddings and small businesses. While located in historic Portsmouth, New Hampshire, my beloved clients are spread throughout New England and beyond.


About your contact, collaborator, and creator… Me!

I’m Emily, the gal behind Lulu & Roo Design Boutique, my New England-based company specializing in bespoke design, brand collateral, and modern calligraphy. From wedding stationery to web design, the suite of products I offer is ever-expanding because your ideas and visions are my next project. From transforming meaningful words into some above-the-mantle worthy art to sketching your story into a new logo, my goal is to simply create each product to be as impressive as it is impactful. It also happens to be my passion. 

Looking back, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up before I actually knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. As a kid first learning cursive, I was fascinated with the rise and fall of the letters. In grade school, I was obsessed with changing and evolving my handwriting from style to style. As a teen, dozens of Seventeen Magazine issues piled atop my dresser, each filled with as many dog-eared pages and missing pages that I had cut to adorn my bedroom walls. As I neared high school graduation, I finally grabbed an issue of National Geographic, walked into my guidance counselor's office, and pointed to a bookmarked page. “This! I want to make this. How do I make this?”

With a decade-long career as a lead graphic designer, I’ve worn many hats. From my role as Creative Manager at Hawthorn Creative, the award-winning full-service creative agency, the lead designer on custom magazines that line shelves from California to Cape Cod, and transforming and redesigning the identity of companies big and small (like Hawthorn Creative's own company logo and brand!), my creative expertise and experience is deep and extensive. That’s why in 2014, I sat my little family down (at the time my husband, Marty and Maine Coon cat, Kanga. Our family has grown by one tiny human since our son Griffin joined us in 2017) and told them I was going for it! The magical merge of my professional career and longtime passion for calligraphy. Borne was this company, my heart, and soul, where I once again wear many fabulous hats as owner, designer, collaborator, and calligrapher.  

Lulu & Roo (named after my husband’s nickname for me and our kitty Kanga Roo) is a true reflection of me and my passions. Because of that, I am confident that the work we create together will be brilliant. Let’s bring your next great adventure, celebration, or design need to life. Give me a shout, call me for a coffee sesh, or shoot your ideas my way, however concrete or off-the-cuff they may be. I can’t wait to connect.

Emily Rowley calligraphy on envelope



finding the perfectly ripe mango

triangle pose
(so says my yoga teacher)

coffee making
(Its all about the french press)



gummy bears

pull ups
(they are just not right!)




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Lulu & Roo Design Boutique submark

“I honestly, can't say enough about my experience working with Emily of Lulu & Roo. Emily truly has an eye for design and completely nailed the logo for my new business! From our initial phone call to the last email I received with the final logo, Emily was a gem to work with. Professional, organized, creative, and inspiring! She actively listened to my ideas and feedback, and was not afraid to think outside the box which made the process a collaborative and fun experience.”





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